Thursday, January 31, 2008

Battle Stations full version MEGA update

Here's a super progress update on our work for the full version. I've been holding back for a few weeks but I think since we're quite close to launching this it's about time for an update. Below are some of the screen mock-ups for our full version due out in a few weeks:

These are work-in-progress screen mock ups so we'll be replacing the icons with our own and making a few more changes before the final version goes live. We hope the new interface will make navigating the game easier for players as well as streamline our database calls.

We're still committed to our mission of making Battle Stations the best MMOG app on Facebook and we'll be really rushing things along in the next few weeks to get all of this live ASAP.

New system updates
Some other changes in the full version besides aesthetics:

- New calculations for craft, gunnery, navigation bonuses
- New ship system (completely new, simpler than the one in the trial server)
- New combat system with skills
- New Tavern system where you can buy food and drinks <- used to power skills
- Class skills (Grappling hook, gold cannon, etc)
- Weapons rebalanced and with added effects (slowdown %, flaming, etc)

Not all the new character outfits and background images will be ready by the time we launch so we'll add those in progressively.

New ad network - ValueClick!
You might also have noticed the new banner ads displayed at the top of each page. I'm please to announce that Battle Stations is the first Facebook app in the WORLD to be added to the ValueClick, Inc. network (NASDAQ: VCLK), which is one of the world's largest integrated online marketing companies.

We'll need a few days to filter out the campaigns we want. I assure you that even though we need ads to support our continued development of Battle Stations and other games, we will try our best to ensure a enjoyable gaming experience. I'll be getting rid of the smiley and glittery ads.

For an added bonus here's the Aeros background. The city isn't colored yet so it's just a line art overlay for now.


lost said...

FWOAH! -nosebleed-

i hope load times don't increase TOO much, i noticed that in the test server, the load time for the port screen was rather noticeable.

i know we can't have everything, but hopefully you can come up with some way to make the interface responsive and aesthetically pleasing, at the same time! =)

LOG said...

those updates look awesome!

my only input on the deal is that when I go to My Hangar I should be able to see my craft, navigation, gunnery stats, as well as a image of my ship, so when I update my items, I can see it in my hangar

Kirbycode said...

Gah... it's too good! I need to find something bad... quick!

...can't find any!! (>.<)

The facelift is pretty awesome Leonard. It's consistent with the original interface, but it has a whole new flair added in. The Bar Brawling sounds pretty funny, and the Ramen Ramen advertisement is hilarious. You guys at TYLER sure know how to present your updates. <(^.^)>

Anonymous said...

wow! This upgrade is U B E R ! oh and, I just hope it would not affect the loading time ; )

Efendi said...


could hardly wait ! perfect ang-pao for CNY ^^

IceKnight said...

well done, kudos to your effort, i can sea lot of time ahs been put into it, you should add a skill where pirates get a MaW to raid ships, aka where their extra gold comes from, but the sunken doesnt lsoe anyhting

good job =D

ballistics said...

hot stuff Leonard. KEEP IT UP~!

Anonymous said...

Balthier looks like he's half horse. Just thought I'd point that out...

JubJub said...

Lmao, the S.O.S. Brigade Vs. The Black Pearl. Haruhi should've been the captain :P

Anyways, wow it's looking good. Can't wait for that Bar Brawling feature lol

Anonymous said...

happiness bar: ☻☻☻☻☻☻



happiness bar: -☻☻☻☻☻☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☺☻☻☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

rea said...

Cant wait till the new updated take place.
Hope the app continues to be available on fb for quite a while longer. if the trial version is already so popular, the updated version will be a blast :)

joses said...

I can't wait till the full version launched,gooood luck for battle stations