Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Red Dragon!

Actually the new NPC is called the Crimson Drake but it'll give you an idea of the new NPCs you're likely to encounter in the new version.

Watch the replay here!


Internet Explorer said...

I think you can tween your melee attack motion a little more by scaling the assaulting object smaller during coil (draw the object further back into the background, be alright if partially disappear into the left/right; hold it there for a while). Can reduce the frames/loops for the assault motion (i.e. faster speed) to depict greater impulse. Can image-blur the object to show motion blur in between holding positions.

Azn said...

The dragon seems a little unlifelike; With ships it was fine for the animation to have just several still blocks, but right now the dragon seems a little robotic.

Perhaps if you had a moving animation, like a dragon slithering, it would look better.

Just offering my opinion.