Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Hangar/Ship Interface

More aesthetically pleasing interface for managing your equipment.

Also allows saving "builds" for easy swapping of entire equipment sets.



Anonymous said...

No one seems to read this... but i am happy you posted it on here anywho.


Anonymous said...

This looks good, but as a suggestion maybe???
Because it's being called a hangar, could you, would you allow us to have more than one ship.

Have a special place on the travel map that says your hangar, and you mush pay AP to visit, but you can switch out ships there???

Storm said...

looks very nice.

Leit said...

Hey, we do read it... and I tried the new system, but it kept losing my builds. :(

Anonymous said...

Tried it out. Prefer it. Can you make a toggle button so that you can force the interface to lock like that?

~Vnew, the undead

Anonymous said...

Good interface but doesnt seem to be place for selling items, only auction, how about a crate next to auction for selling